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Date and Place 2018-May-14 My home, Chiba, Japan
Scope BORG55FL +7880reducer FL=200[mm]
Mount Celestron CGEM
Camera Moravian G3-16200(Enhanced Cooler model) : -20[deg-c]
Auto guiding 8x50mm Finder + QHY5L-2M
Filter Astrodon Tru-balance Gen.2 E-series LRGB Filter
Exposure L : 6×600[s], R : 4×600[s], G : 3×600[s], B : 4×600[s]
Total : 170[min] = 2.8[hr]
Software Astroart5 with SHS Version 2.4
PHD Guiding 1.8
Pixinsight 1.8.8
Photoshop CC 2020